Additional Services

A Windfall for Lansdale Power Washer’s Clients

Lansdale Power Washers is a well-known company that provides the best washing solutions for roof cleaning, residential power washing and Commercial power washing. With the best power washing services, our company never compromises in quality. However, apart from this, there are a few additional services that make our company exceptional.

The additional services we provide include –

Lawn Sprinkler Winterization:
Winterize your lawn sprinkler system to prevent damage and expensive repairs next spring. We are expert lawn sprinkler system professionals who will perform all the necessary steps to assure that your lawn sprinkler system will not freeze during the harsh winter.

Snow Plowing:

snow_removalWe at Lansdale Power Washers also offer Snow removal services. Our proficient team offers the most effective snow plowing procedures. We provide snow removal services for big or small parking lots, both residential and commercial. We provide all snow removal services, like snow hauling, snow plowing, salting, sidewalk clearing etc. We will provide assistance in cleaning up snow from parking lots, roofs, and sidewalks.

We feel contented to work for the safety and convenience of our clients and we particularly emphasize on the quality of our additional services. We truly understand the importance of ecological liability and reliable service and are dedicated in maintaining the highest level of training and knowledge of our professional workers.

For more information on Lawn Sprinkler Winterization and Snow Removal Services feel free to contact us at 215-362-8859